How to choose your bouquet

-Choosing your bridal bouquet :

Believe it or not, your wedding bouquet is an integral part of your big day.

The style of the bouquet that you choose is just as important as the flowers that are in it and can completely change the look of your day and your dress. There are several styles to choose from let’s start with:

Wedding bouquet shape:

Are you a formal girl that takes a life seriously, and you want your wedding day reflected your personality! so we choose you that type of bouquet that gives you a more formal design.

Great option for a traditional bride ( think princess Diana )

1- Cascade bouquet / the elongated cascading bouquet takes the shape of a waterfall with a large concentration of flowers giving way to a looser spray that extends towards the floor.

( Orchids are great for this because they already grow in a cascading shape. )

These types of wedding flowers are a lovely choice!

A simple girl! If you want your bouquet as simple as your wedding day so, there is no better choice than a posy bouquet.

P.S That Meghan Markle opted to carry the style at her wedding to prince Harry

2- Posy bouquet / A classic and popular choice for brides – so classic, in fact

Posy bouquet are small enough to be held in hands, the types of bouquet often featured a rounded shape and are wrapped with ribbon to create a timeless style.

Consider Tulips – roses – peonies – garden roses, or ranunculus flowers

Be Stylish & Trendy by Nosegay bouquet that can be made up of a single flower type, But will be a unique piece of art.

3- Nosegay bouquet / Though similar to posy bouquets a very trendy choice for brides but also popular for bridesmaids due to the small, compact size of the flower arrangement. They may also work well for older flowers girls to hold in lieu of a basket.

You’re a romantic girl!

you’ve dreamed of your wedding day ever since you were a little girl or ever since you fell in love and you envision a celebration with sweet, sentimental, details. Pomander bouquet gives you that feeling exactly.

4- Pomander bouquet / A perfect ball of flowers usually carried by a ribbon that can be hung from the bride’s wrist, and they are also well-suited for flower girls since these bouquets are easily held by little hands or in one hand!

You’re outdoorsy!

Whether you’re planning a rustic wedding or just have a deep connection with the great outdoors, consider incorporating natural, textural blooms and fabrics into your bridal bouquet.

5- Pageant bouquet / A pageant bouquet, typically has longer stems and is designed to fit into the crook of a bride’s arm (rather than held in both hands like with typical bouquets). Perfect choice for outdoor wedding

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